Legal Options for Injured Independent Contractors

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The Goldberg Weisman Cairo blog reviews the options for an independent contractor who is injured.  It states:

Because they are not considered employees, independent contractors may wish to purchase their own workers’ compensation insurance to provide benefits should they be injured while working. Private insurance may be available as well as state programs. Hiring an independent contractor who holds workers’ compensation insurance may be preferable to a business to avoid liability.

If an independent contractor does not have workers’ compensation insurance, their options may be limited should they become injured on the job. They must pay their own medical bills relating to the injury and won’t be able to recover lost wages.

Depending on the circumstances, the independent contractor may be able to file a third party personal injury claim against the hiring company to recover compensation. It is best to speak with an experienced attorney about your options.

In some cases, an independent contractor may have been misclassified when they should have been considered an employee. Some employers misclassify personnel as independent contractors in attempts to avoid benefits and obligations owed to employees, such as workers’ compensation.

Read the full story at Legal Options for Injured Independent Contractors

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