Independent truckers make more than employed counterparts, economist says 

independent owner operator median and average performanceFrom, Bill Mongelluzzo shares information about a research conducted by economist John Husing that indicated that independent owner-operator truck drivers earned substantially more than drivers who were employees.  Bill writes:

A study by Southern California economist John Husing released Wednesday found that the median net earnings of independent owner-operator truck drivers in the region are substantially higher than for company drivers who work as employees of licensed motor carriers.

The study probably will not end the hot debate as to whether employee drivers, who are eligible for unionization, are compensated better than independent contractors, who by law can not be unionized. However, the findings are important because the numbers show that drivers who choose to remain owner-operators are not at the bottom of the wage scale in port regions, but actually out-earn many sectors.

Husing concluded that 75 percent of the independent-contractor drivers in his study earn more than other workers in 156 of the 158 worker classifications in the warehouse/logistics industry in Southern California’s Inland Empire, and the independent truck drivers earn more even than some workers who have college degrees.

Read the full story at  Independent truckers make more than employed counterparts, economist says

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