Why employee classification continues to cause confusion 

Man and woman at a laptopFrom the Chicago Business Journal, Katie Loehrke discusses two unusual recent classification cases.  In one, former contributors to Yelp alleged that they were employees.  In the the second, scholarship football players at Northwestern University alleged that they were employees under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRB).  Katie writes:

Many employers won’t need to wrestle with a potential employer-employee relationship with football players or online-content creators. Nevertheless, these cases remind us that classifying workers may not always be straightforward.

Employers must be on their toes to ensure proper classification or risk facing drawn-out court battles for back wages and other benefits that employees would have received. And yes, despite the promise to spare the lecture, that includes a thorough consideration of independent contractor classifications.

Read the full story at Why employee classification continues to cause confusion – Chicago Business Journal

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