Obamacare helps the self-employed

Affordable Care Act

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Years ago, a tenured university professor told me his secret. He was desperate to quit and start his own business. He had enough in savings but didn’t dare leave his job. As a man in his mid-50s, he couldn’t get health insurance on his own.

The Affordable Care Act, which some call Obamacare, was supposed to change that. Supporters said the law would end “job lock” – people stuck in jobs because they couldn’t get or afford health insurance elsewhere.

Health insurance exchanges offering reasonably priced medical plans would enable entrepreneurs to launch companies, stay in business and create new jobs.

Has the new law worked? For many, the answer is a resounding yes….

“Exchanges don’t ask if you’re self-employed,” said David Chase, health care policy director at Sausalito, Calif.-based advocacy group Small Business Majority. “But with over a million people in the exchange, … it’s reasonable to assume they’re a large part of that number.

“Prior to ACA, about one-third (of the self-employed) were uninsured, more than twice as likely to be uninsured as everyone else,” Chase [David Chase, health care policy director at Sausalito, Californa based advocacy group Small Business Majority] said. “They were either denied coverage or offered insurance but rated in such a way they weren’t able to afford it.”

Affordable insurance is the key to keeping many entrepreneurs self-employed….”

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