Three Things Forward-Thinking Companies Need to Know to Attract Millennial Independent Workers in 2016

state of independence 2015From the Huffington Post, Gene Zaino offers his  advice to companies who want to attract independent workers.  Gene writes:

Companies winning the war for the best Millennial independent workers understand:

1. The growth of the independent workforce, and the Millennials in particular, heralds a fundamental power shift in the relationship between employer and employee. Independent workers have a high degree of choice when it comes to who they work with, and so securing top talent for key projects requires companies to meet the expectations of independent workers. And 61 percent of Millennial independents plan on staying self-employed for the long haul, either as solopreneurs (40%) or in order to build a bigger business (21%). Companies need to accommodate the “work to live” mentality of the Millennial independents they seek to attract.

2. Flexibility is crucial. 61 percent of full-time independents cite the “ability to control my own schedule” as the top reason to work solo, compared with only 38 percent who cite money as the most important motivator. Money is, of course, still important–45% of independent workers say they make more money working on their own than they would in a traditional job. But as the Millennials gain influence, competitive compensation will not just mean good pay, but also soft benefits like flexible work schedules.

3. Everyone knows that a strong tech infrastructure is important to every business. The Millennials, however, are a generation of digital natives who expect even more. To compete for self-employed Millennials, companies need to enable 24/7 access to corporate programs on all devices, both inside and outside the office. Critically, companies will also need to apply their existing tech infrastructures to project-based work, so that top independent talent can engage seamlessly with the company.

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