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Can an Independent Contractor share your trade secrets?

  From the Oregon Business Report — “A recent case out of Massachusetts held that, as a matter of…

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In the sharing economy, are workers employees or independent contractors?

From The Boston Globe –“The worker of the future will be fast, flexible, and available the instant…

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Misclassification of Independent Contractors: A Challenge for Massachusetts Companies in the Delivery, Taxi, and Livery Sectors

From The National Law Review  — Although Massachusetts uses a seemingly straight-forward, three-prong test sometimes referred to as…

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Lawsuit alleges Uber misclassifies workers as independent contractors

From The Boston Globe — The suit filed Thursday in Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston by Shannon Liss-Riordan,…

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Independent Contractor (Self-Employed or Employee?)

From The Everyday Law Blog —  What is an independent contractor? An independent contractor is an individual…

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Massachusetts Employers May Be Liable to Out-of-State Employees Misclassified as Independent Contractors

From Holland & Knight — Massachusetts employers have long labored under the strictures of the Massachusetts independent contractor statute,…

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Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

From Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton, Robert Shea discusses the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law.  Bob discusses worker classification under…