Author: Nathan S. Gibson

With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
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Supreme Court FAA Decision Creates Even More Questions About Independent ‎Contractors and Arbitration

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a recent United States Supreme Court case in which the Court interpreted…

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Federal District Court To Rule on Plaintiffs’ Motion for Stay of FTC Non-Compete Ban and Preliminary Injunction Most Likely By July 3rd

From JDSupra, Jesse Coleman, Robert Milligan, and Michael Wexler discuss the legal proceedings of the challenges to…

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Analysis of FTC Non-Compete Ban Legal Challenges: Does the Ban Pass Constitutional Muster? (And Other Issues)

From JDSupra, Jesse Coleman, Daniel Hart, and Eron Reid discuss the likely constitutional challenges to the Federal…

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FTC’s Banning Noncompetes Means Considering Alternatives

  With theFederal Trade Commission’s announcement of a ban on non-compete agreements (including agreements with independent contractors),…

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Everything Old is New Again: The Department of Labor Returns to the Past with Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Eric Kinder describes the new independent contractor rule as returning to the past independent contractor…

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Previous Arbitration Agreements Are Potentially Unenforceable Against Re-Hired Employees

From JDSupra, Jared Slater discusses a recent case in California in which an employee who was rehired…

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5 Ways California Employers Can Stay Ahead of the Next Problem 

From JDSupra, Lynne Hermle provides excellent advice for California employers some of which is terrific advice for…

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The Federal Trade Commission’s Final Rule on Non-Competes: the Baby or the Bathwater?

From JDSupra, Marcia Goodman, Gail Levine, Andrew Rosenman, Richard Snyder, and Ruth Zadikany discuss the rule issued…

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The United States Department of Labor Recovered Back Wages for Misclassified Home Care Workers in Louisiana

The United States Department of Labor announced that it recovered $422k in wages for home care providers…

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United States Department of Labor Obtains Order for Contractor to Pay Wages, Damages, and Penalties for Misclassifying Workers

The United States Department of Labor obtained a consent judgment that requires a Virginia concrete contractor to…

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United States Department of Labor Recovers Wages for Misclassified Mobile Home Transportation Workers  

The U.S. Department of Labor found that a mobile home transportation company misclassified laborers and drivers as…

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Adopts Broad Ban on the Use of Non-Compete Clauses in Employment Agreements 

From JDSupra, Peter Bariso and Bilal Sayyed provide an excellent review of the Federal Trade Commission’s new…