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NLRB Issues Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Alleging Misclassification of Independent Contractors Is a Stand-Alone Unfair Labor Practice

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a complaint issued by a regional office of the Natiaonl Labor Relatios Board…

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The ABC Test At Issue Before NJ Supreme Court: What Does A “Place of Business” Mean For Unemployment Law

From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses a pending case in New Jersey which will address what it means…

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FAIR Act: U.S. House Passes Bill Eliminating Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

From JDSupra, Robert Gilmore and Hannah Kraus discuss the House’s passage of a bill that would prohibit…

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Massachusetts High Court Deals Blow to Franchisors Seeking Judicial Exemption from That State’s Strict Independent Contractor Test, But All Is Not Lost 

From JDSupra,,Richard Reibstein discusses a recent case in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First…

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Court orders home healthcare agency to pay more than $430K in back wages, damages, penalties for misclassifying workers

The United States Department of Labor reports that a home healthcare staffing agency was ordered to pay…

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Federal Court Decision Protects Independent Contractor Status

From JDSupra, Maury Baskin, Robert Friedman, Michael Lotito, Sean McCrory, and James Paretti, Jr. discuss some of…

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Benefits Issues That Arise Upon Misclassification of Employees 

From JDSupra, Stephen Gilles provides an outstanding review of some of the issues that arise surrounding benefits ifa …

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Federal Court Reinstates Trump-Era Independent Contractor Rule

From JDSupra, Paul DeCamp discusses the reinstatement of the Trump administration independent contractor rule by a federal judge….

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Federal Court Reinstates Trump Era Independent Contractor Test Rule

From JDSupra, Sara Zorich discusses the recent court decision which reinstates the independent contractor rule adopted by…

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US Department of Labor serves up $188K in back wages, damages for 104 workers at three Chicago pizzerias as employer tries to defy investigators 

Sarpinos also pays $75K penalty for violating FLSA for second time in six years CHICAGO – While Sarpino’s…

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Plaintiff Gets Second Serve: 2nd Circuit Clarifies Joint Employer Test and Allows Security Guard to Amend Complaint

From JDSupra, J. William Manuel and Anne Yuengert discuss a recent case in which a security guard …

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Top 3 Questions You Should be Asking about the New Federal Act Invalidating Mandatory Arbitration and Class Action Waivers of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Disputes

From JDSupra, Tara Porterfield and E. Phileda Tennant discuss three key questions that stem from the new…