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With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
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Worker Flexibility and Choice Act Introduced to Congress

From JDSupra, Lawrence Lorber, Scott Mallery, and Leon Rodriguez report on a new bill introduced into Congress…

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First, But Certainly Not the Last: California Agricultural Labor Relations Board Issues First-Ever Additional Penalties to Employer for Willful Misclassification

From JDSupra, Heather Domingo and Rebecca Hause-Schultz discuss the first time the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board…

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A Court Rules Workers Are Independent Contractors! Will Wonders Never Cease?

From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses a recent case in Massachusetts in which the court said that home…

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First Circuit Holds Antitrust Labor-Dispute Exemption Applies to Independent Contractors’ Protest Activities

From JDSupra, Tracey Diamond amd Dylan DeWitt* discuss a recent case in which the court said that…

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New York Appellate Court Takes First Crack at Interpreting NYC’s Freelancing Law

From JDSupra, Miguel Lopez discussses the first appeallate decision interpreting New York City’s Freelancer isn’t Free Act…

Drywall installers
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Investigation recovers $246K in back wages for 306 painters, drywall workers denied overtime by misclassification as independent contractors 

TThe United States Department of Labor announced that it recovered $246k for 306 workers who were misclassified…

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NJ Supreme Court Addresses Worker Classification and Independent Contractor Status Under ABC Test

From JDSupra, Irene Hseih discusses a recent case before the New Jersey Supreme Court in which the…

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New Congressional Bill Would Create Hybrid Job Classification for Gig Workers – But is Already Facing Stiff Opposition

From JDSupra, Richard Meneghello and John Polson discuss a bill filed in Congress that would create a…

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Massachusetts Appeals Court Says Home Inspectors Were Independent Contractors — Not Employees

From JDSupra, Anthony Califano and Alexandra Hassell discuss a recent case in which the Massachusetts Appeals Court…

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US Department of Labor investigation recovers $229K in missed payroll, overtime wages for 809 misclassified construction workers in New Orleans

The United States Department of Labor that it recovered $229K for 809 workers misclassified as independent contractors….

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Employee Misclassification and the Gig Economy 

From JDSupra, Clifford Hammond reviews the differences between employees and indepndent contractors and some of the classification…

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Appeals Court’s Joint Employer Ruling Provides Possible Roadmap for Overturning Trump Rule

From JDSupra, Rick Hepp and Adam Primm discuss a decision by the United States Court of Appeals…