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The Tax Risks of Misclassifying Employees

From The National Law Review — Employers often prefer to hire independent contractors so that the employer can…

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EMPLOYEE V. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR – Advice for Small Business Owners

From Business and Employment Lawyer Lori Brown — The next tip for those who own, or want to own,…

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Independent Contractors vs. Employees – Resource Magazine

From a 3 part series on independent contractors vs. employees in Resource Magazine —  The perils of misclassification are…

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5 Differences Between a Contractor and an Employee

From QuickBoosk DocStoc — It’s important to correctly classify your employees and contractors accordingly. Not doing so…

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Independent Contractor or Employee? Why Does it Matter?

Thanks to Garabedian Group for posting the following infographic on Pinterest —  Related articles Independent Contractor Compliance: What Employers…

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What’s in a Name? The Risks and Rewards of Independent Contractor vs. Employee Job Classification

Thanks to Wunderland for preparing the following infographic — Related articles

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Why Employee vs Independent Contractor Classification Matters

From the iMediaConnection Blog — . Whether you are looking to hire talent for your business from a creative agency…

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Declaring Independent Workers: Nathan Gibson Randstad Sourceright You Better Watch Out, You Better Comply. We’re Going to Tell You Why in this Podcast

The following is the transcript of the podcast on Total Picture Radio TotalPicture Radio Transcript: Nathan Gibson,…

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The rise of the temporary worker

From The Late Report — while some employers may be tempted to label temporary workers as “independent contractors”…

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Janitorial Services Executive Speaks Out Against Worker Misclassification

From the  Construction Citizen — “Certain corporations have chosen to cut corners and pad their profits by misclassifying their…

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Addressing wage theft, misclassification

From TheGazette — Worker misclassification is “becoming, unfortunately, more and more prevalent,” said Catherine Ruckelshaus, general counsel and program…

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$6.5 Million Independent Contractor Misclassification Settlement Between Lowe’s and Its Home Improvement Contractors

  From the  Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification Legal Blog — “On Friday, May 23, 2014, Lowe’s Home Centers…