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OFCCP posts new FAQs on employee vs. independent contractor determinations

From — “Q: What are the Darden factors? A: The Darden factors that should be considered…

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Employers face crackdown over worker misclassification

  From the Employee Benefit News — “Since the onset of the recession, there has been a surge in…

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee

From the Law Firm of Leisawitz Heller — “The differences can be boiled down to the degree of…

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Employee vs Independent Contractor – Work at Home and set your own Schedule

From Computer Solutions — What I seek to do is highlight typical circumstances distinguishing the employed from…

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Working With an Independent Contractor

From the Gastonia Business Law Blog —  Independent contractors are those that provide services to an individual or business…

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U.S. Open Umpires and Linesmen Are Independent Contractors, Court Rules

From Baker Hostetler – JDSupra — In an opinion that disappointingly failed to take advantage of countless pun opportunities,…

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Independent Contractor? Are You Sure?

From Elarbee Thompson–  Multi-state businesses “face unique challenges when attempting to classify individuals correctly as non-employees: whether an…

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Are You An Employee Or Independent Contractor?

From Jackson & Lundell — Tests on how an employee is classified can be tricky. The central theme in…

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Employee Vs Independent Contractor 4 Tests To Determine An Employment Relationship

From Assurance Agency: Insurance Brokerage — “There are 4 common tests to determine an employment relationship.  Employers should be…

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Why is worker misclassification a problem?

  From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram —  “Treating workers as independent contractors isn’t a business decision that…

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6 ideas for curbing worker misclassification

From McClatchy DC — “There’s no single magic bullet that can eliminate misclassification of workers. But according…

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Silicon Valley Misclassification: ‘New York’ Magazine Focuses on How the 1099 Economy May Be Exposing Tech Start-Up Companies to Costly Liability for Their Use of Independent Contractors

  From Independent Contractor Compliance —  “Today’s online edition of New York Magazine’s “Daily Intelligencer” includes a…